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Bostik Adhesives

With our full range of Bostik products, the floorsander / layer is provided with a manufacturers guarantee of quality. From moisture barrier to levelling compound, to primers and water-based and polyurethane-based adhesives the entire job can be completed using the one manufacturer with the one guarantee.

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SELLEYS LIQUID NAILS DIRECT STICK is a high performance moisture curing polyurethane flooring adhesive with rapid cure. It forms a semi-rigid bond and offers significant advantages over more conventional flexible type flooring adhesives.

Bonds most types of wood, parquet flooring, strip flooring and sheet timber flooring systems to common flooring substrates such as concrete, pre-existing strip flooring, particle board and plywood.

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Holdfast is the manufacturer of user friendly adhesives. Available in both water based and moisture cured polyurethane adhesives. Suitable for all timber flooring needs.