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Galaxy B D 12 Sander

The Galaxy B D 12 is a prime example of the innovative creativity and engineering that Galaxy consistantly delivers. The B D 12 is a state of the art floor sanding machine that combines both a patented belt sander and drum sander in one machine.

Having the flexability of using either sanding option, allows you the ability to aggressively tackle difficult projects with a drum sander while using a belt sander for precision.

At Galaxy, we have designed the B D 12 recognizing that you need the freedom of customizing each project to the specific needs that are required.

Whether you need to increase production or ensure the finest finish, the B D 12 is the perfect tool to ensure the best possible results.


Galaxy RS100 Radiator Sander

The Galaxy Radiator Sander is one of a kind, and one of the most valuable tools you can add to your floor sanding equipment.

The Radiator Sander is extremely flexibly for finishing floor areas under radiators, around fireplaces and 'tight spots'. With it's 1.6" clearance, the Radiator Sander will help you to provide the perfect finish while saving you valuable time instead of sanding these hard to reach places by hand.

The powerful motor maintains a strong speed under heavy loads ensuring that the sanding disc continues to produce a smooth, consistent finish on all projects. The motor and sanding disc in the Radiator Sander have been balanced for vibration free operation.

The Galaxy Radiator Sander is a 'must have' floor sanding product. Get yours today!


Super Galaxy 2000 Sander

The Super Galaxy 2000 is our best selling floor sanding machine.

The Super 2000 is a pure example of creative engineering that combines both a belt sander and drum sander into one machine. Having the ability to use either sanding option allows you the freedom of using either an aggresive sander or a precision sander to finish the project.

The Super 2000 has a 8" drum and is designed to be able to tackle the most difficult projects while producing superior results. Using the continuous 5 h.p., 240 volt motor, you can quickly take on any project with non stop operation.

At Galaxy, we recognize that you need the right tools to custom each project to the specific needs that are required. The Super Galaxy 2000 is a perfect fit.


Galaxy Eagle 8 Sander

The Galaxy Eagle 8 is one of the newest and most innovative concepts in floor sanding machine technology.

The Eagle 8 is a 200mm ( 8") combination machine that contains the standard belt sanding mode for rough or aggressive sanding or cutting plus a hard-plate sander for the finest finish.

Realizing the need that many craftsmen had, Galaxy developed the Eagle 8 with the purpose of creating a floor sanding machine that would help to completely eliminate chatter marks or undercuts on any type of grain.

The beauty of the Eagle 8 is that all you need to do to create the ultimate finish is simply slide in the hard-plate attachment, and install a longer sanding belt. In literally minutes you can change from belt mode to hard plate mode saving you both time and money.

The Eagle 8 is the ultimate machine for multi-species inlays and all wood floors.


Galaxy Elite 3 Edger

The Galaxy Elite 3 Edger is the most powerful floor sanding edger to ever hit the market.

Years of design concepts, market research, and engineering were combined in the production of the Elite 3 in order to make sure that Galaxy lived up to it's reputation of producing the finest and most powerful floor sanding tools.
Unlike many traditional edgers, we modified certain aspects which will ensure the best possible finish for your floors. Some of these new features are:

  • florescent lighting - helps to clearly see all blemishes
  • uses a belt drive instead of gears, providing more power
  • belt drive is smoother and quieter
  • two speed machine
  • 3400 RPM pad speed
  • double roller wheels and sealed ball bearings

The Galaxy Elite 3 speaks for itself in proving to be the most powerful and innovative edger to date on the market. Make sure to pick up yours soon!

FloorCrafter 8 Belt Sander

The FloorCrafter, engineered to be the most aggressive belt machine in the industry, was also designed to provide reduced vibration. Its cutting ability allows the hardwood sanding professional the ability to increase production while achieving imperfection-free results. With the patented Dolly Transport system, the FloorCrafter is truly a unique and innovative approach to hardwood floor sanding.

  • Precision balanced drum with machined spiral cooling slots.
  • Patented one-tool leveling adjustment.
  • Recessed drum door provides better air seal and eases abrasive installation and adjustments.
  • Patented Dolly Transport System eases transport to and from job sites.
  • Exclusive "feathering" drum lowering handle eases operation.
  • Exclusive split rear caster for smooth forward/reverse transitions.

Super 7R Edger

The Super 7R is a powerful, versatile, and easy to use wood floor edging machine that has earned its reputation as an industry leader.

  • Hardened steel pinion with brass drive gear reduces vibration
  • Precision balanced sanding pad produces finer finish
  • Powerful 1 HP motor maintains speed under the heaviest cutting conditions

American B2+ Edger

The Professional's choice for 50 years, the B2+ Edger offers a 3200 RPM setting for fast aggressive cutting and a 2800 RPM setting for greater precision.

  • Powerful 1 HP motor maintains speed under heaviest cutting conditions
  • Electronically balanced fan and motor for smoother operation
  • Long lasting graphite brushes for extended brush and armature life
  • Precision balanced sanding pad produces finer finish

American 8 & 12 Drum Sanders

The American 8 & 12 Drum Sanders are the worldwide benchmark for professional drum sanding equipment. Its rugged cast aluminum construction, powerful motor and unique operating and drum leveling controls combine to make the most aggrressive and most productive drum sander available.

  • Totally enclosed 7.5 HP (peak) motor runs cooler and eliminates internal dust build-up.
  • Drum Pressure Control allows infinite pressure variation for all types of wood.
  • Heavy-duty vacuum fan and high filtration dust bag provide efficient dust recovery and containment.
  • Unique "feathering" drum lowering handle eases operation.
  • Dynamically balanced drum reduces vibration and chatter marks.
  • Three wheel options for sanding on all types of wood.

Belt Sander

The Bona Universal is available as a 200mm (8") belt sander, a 250mm (10") belt sander or a combination belt/drum sander that effectively gives you two machines in one.  The Universal has many useful innovations and is supported by an extended 2 year warranty and a unique spare parts guarantee.



The Bona Edger has a 2.5hp motor which will handle the toughest floors. With a reach of 200mm, sanding under kitchen cupboards and wall heaters couldn't be easier.  The Bona Edger features a twin fluro light and non-marking wheels that can be infinitely adjusted for a super flat finish.


Mini Edger

The Bona mini-edger has a 150mm disc and 1300 watt motor. Features include a built-in halogen light, fully adjustable handles and infinitely adjustable wheels to guarantee super flat sanding.

Rotary Suction Sander

Offset Motor that provides exceptional balance and reduced starting torque to facilitate smooth operation. Unique bypass vacuum motor - means liquids cannot damage the motor. Unique direct gear drive builds reliability into every Polivac machine. The oil filled & sealed gearbox keeps going when belt and pulley drive systems have given up.

Fully adjustable handle fitted with safety triggers and contoured grips to reduce operator fatigue. Large capacity collector bag and powerful bypass vacuum. Floating skirt assembly traps dust and eliminates the need for secondary vacuuming. Long lasting non-marking wheels. Long life and ease of servicing. C-TICK approval.Two-year warranty on motor & gearbox, 1 year on consumables.

Available in both low-speed and high-speed models.

GS/GM 80 P

Rugged construction for any cleaning job

Nilfisk GM 80P is light in weight, but a heavy-duty performer. Reliable and designed to provide the durability and capacity required by cleaning professionals. Mounted on a strong steel trolley with large rubber wheels, the machine is easy to manoeuvre.

The sturdy aluminium container means that the vacuum cleaner is almost indestructable and therefore especially suitable for rough and heavy duty cleaning. Ideal for e.g. production lines, chemi/pharma industries, hospitals and offices. For special applications, choose between two types of special exhaust filters: Nilfisk HEPA or Nilfisk ULPA, also protecting against allergies.

  • Impressive 2100 cm² main filter for even and stable airflow and vacuum, even after long use
  • Lightweight but built for years of heavy duty cleaning
  • Virtually indestructable aluminium container
  • HEPA/ULPA filters optional
  • Bagless operation possible

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